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Due to the Almighty's Will Grace that you have visited my blog. After having thoroughly studied the various branches of Occult Sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Gem Therapy, Signature reading, vastu, Palmistry Face reading, I am destined to serve people like you. Astrology is great science given by our rishis. This great science they used for serve mankind and humanity. Today this purpose is changed, everyone running for money. This is the reason prediction going fail. Astrology is strong science after that predictive astrology comes into a picture. Here I am trying to give more n more concepts of astrology to everyone. I feel our views on predictive astrology needs to review/change because everyone wants only prediction, no one wants dig-in planet nature/functionalties, its characters and power of the planet. How planets are affecting human body-system. We just translate one little sloka of Sanskrit in different-different ways/words and telling same to everyone and then prediction goes wrong. Need to study and learn every concept in deep, but in this fast moving world everyone want to become master of astrology in a month. Razak Mohamad: Razak Mohamad born in Delhi,India.I came from spiritual family.

I always interested in this mystical world and started learning at the age of 11 , even I still remember my first book, which i read vrihad hast rekha shastra at the age of 11 .After learning so many books all type of mysterious branch of astrology like Astrology/Palmistry/Face reading/Dream Interpretation/Reiki, I started my research on astronomy at the age of 16 with different vision and trying to represent astrology in my own way,where people should not fear from Kall-Sarp dosha or Mangalik etc .

Razak Mohamad was initially self-taught in astrology, immersing himself for many years. Later he taught benefited to many learner or young new astrologer and that journey of learning continues. He has taught many highly esteemed debatable astrological topic.His work on Autism remarkable international level.He gave very specific reason of autism in Astrology.In addition, Razak Mohamad has written a number of highly acclaimed Articles which have international recognition.

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